Vogue February 2021 Feature: United States of Fashion

by Leah Hill on January 20, 2021
Tracy's Friends and Family In Hope For Flowers By Tracy Reese

American Vogue’s historical February 2021 issue, featuring Vice President Kamala Harris also includes a sprawling feature about the changing landscape of American fashion. We are honored that Hope for Flowers was chosen to represent Detroit as a Mid-West brand. It is Hope for Flowers mission to demonstrate that a world class, sustainable fashion brand can be wholly and successfully operated from Detroit creating opportunities for employment and collaboration for this great city’s many talented, resourceful citizens.

The image Vogue selected was shot at The Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit in the heart of Detroit’s cultural center. The gorgeous works of artist Conrad Egyir from the exhibit “Terra Nullius” are also featured. The works in “Terra Nullius” focused on” figurative characters that reside or bestride three geographical spaces–Detroit, New York, and Aburi, Ghana–and how the cultures of each of these locations define citizenship, migration, hybrid spaces, and political and religious revolutions”. Check out more of his work here!  Laura Hughes, a dear friend and collaborator and also the Interim Director of MOCAD kindly made this shoot possible and we are forever grateful.

Vogue also visited many of my favorite inspirational treasure troves in Detroit including the photo gallery at my grandmother, Mary Cleveland’s home in Detroit’s North End, where our family history is lovingly displayed, Dabls Mbad African Bead Museum on Grand River Avenue, a place I visit whenever I need to spark my own creativity, the ISAIC factory and the Carhartt Workshop on Cass.

This issue of Vogue is a collector’s item and we are so proud to be a part of it! Vogue Article

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by Sonya Pouncy on September 09, 2021

Awesome! Congratulations, Tracy! And, thank you for combining Detroit and Aburi.—two of my favorite places. I’m a proud Detroiter who has often said I want to retire in Aburi. It is so beautiful and temperate and the fresh mountain air there is absolutely divine. I will have to make my way to the MOCAD and check out this exhibit . And, I will definitely be picking up a copy of the February Vogue.


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