A Fashion Eco-System in Detroit

by Leah Hill on May 31, 2020

Tracy Reese has not only decided to base Hope For Flowers in Detroit, but she is also working with organizations like Nest’s Makers United Project to foster an ecosystem of responsible, equitable fashion manufacturing in Detroit and has worked with the Industrial Sewing and Innovation Center (ISAIC) in the past.


Nest’s Makers United Project

Nest’s Makers United Project strives to identify and support makers who tend to face greater barriers to expanding their market reach as well as accessing business development services that stand to support growth. Leveraging the maker movement’s potential to generate opportunity for all makers, regardless of sex, race, economic means, or physical ability, Maker’s United is committed to economic inclusion.

Makers United will be kicking off a program in Detroit this Summer. If you would like to join the program, click here to fill out our makers survey and join the program.

Learn more about the fashion ecosystem in Detroit by reading this great article by Fashionista.

Coverage of Tracy Reese hosting workshops with Detroit Public School Students at Duke Ellington School of Music & Arts. 

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by marsea on September 09, 2021

So happy your company is from Detroit & continuing to keep Detroit so special!!!


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